"No Smokes" Campaign.

The three campaign slicks were developed from concepts and work that went into a pitch that went to DHMH (Department of Mental Health and Hygiene) for the state of Maryland. Brown Hornet Design was brought in as the art direction for the subcontractor for the project. That subcontractor needed creative for the "urban cessation" market. Read inner city, if you will.

These concepts were developed to run within the larger campaign"whose message was wholesome, from a general market viewpoint and unlikely to resound with the urban audience. But game knows game and getting the message nuance right as well as the viewpoint is key and difficult for a "general market" firm. (Let's face it). Secondarily, the urban market research showed that while not everyone smoked, it just wasn't cool to run around saying I don't smoke.

But when it comes to one's personal space, the sense of being was magnified as in "naw man: no smoking in my car, my house, etc." allowing for a demonstrative viewpoint from a group. In this case, a group of musicians are otherwise like any of their other friends, but they just don't smoke ... and they're loving it.

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