A Great Conversation

A conversation I had with a friend: He said it "changed his life"

"I had told you that I was miserable. That nothing I did was good enough. That my job was eating me alive and they were yelling at me and making me feel like I was shit. You called bullshit. That's what you said, "(Friend)...I call bullshit." That's when you said it..."I have clients that love me...that do everything I tell them to...that think I walk on water. And, they have trouble paying me and I have to chase them every time just to be paid. And...I have clients that hate everything (I) put forward. And they tell me to change it and how to change it and that I must change it. And...they pay me on time, every time. So let me ask you, Zach. Who is the great client? And, who is the shit client?""

And then you said...."I suggest you start treating your employer like your client."

"And I did."

What did that mean?

It means to create some distance between the work and its acceptance or lack thereof. As a designer (or a consultant in my friend's case) do the best job you can do—irrespective of the possibilities that the idea will get rejected, or whatever. When you'v done that and you offered your best approaches and then the client waives that advice, you've done your job. Until you've done that, you haven't.