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It's All About The Work, Right?

Well, yeah, but a great process helps!

... And great clients. The process of telling and showing a compelling story is a push-and-pull, unearthing the great aspects and putting them into the light. Here's some work where that's was the aim.


A Great Conversation

I had a great conversation with a friend recently: He said it "changed his life."

"I had told you that I was miserable. That nothing I did was good enough. That my job was eating me alive and they were yelling at me and making me feel like I was shit. You called bullshit. That's what you said ..."

What did I say? Well ...

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"...solve the problem intuitively ..."

I happened upon a discussion of my approach in my notes and it is formidable design philosophy which I applied on a particular project:

“Burtin feels that his own approach to developing a design for graphic representation is best summed up by an old Japanese proverb which instructs: ‘First know all there is to know . . .then memorize it, then solve the problem intuitively.’ But for Burtin intuition is not so much a ‘magic spark’ as the result of human curiosity and a consistent experiment guided by logical thought.”